new friends

Dear Parents, Grandparents, Caregivers and Friends

The Friends of Avondale Primary is an informal group of parents, teachers and community members who work collaboratively in the interests of making our school a great place to be.Our key purposes are to;– build relationships between the community and school;
– promote the school in a wide range of ways such as community newspapers, Facebook and presence at community and school events;
– raise awareness of the pool project, by promoting water safety and actively working with the community, parents to build a strong case for funding applications;
– get a strong base of parents and supporters who are willing to share time and skills so that our school can continue to be a great learning environment for our tamariki.Many thanks to those who responded to our recent Friends flyer.  We now have a long list of amazing fundraising ideas to follow up.Many of you have asked if and when the group meets.  Getting everyone together is proving to be quite a challenge!  Some of us are only free during the day, while others are only available after work.  Some prefer to be contacted by email, while others prefer phone.  This is something we’ll continue to work on this year to try to ensure everyone’s in the loop, regardless of whether they can attend meetings.

Sharron Edwards, one of  our teachers, has the role of community liaison and as such will be an important point of contact for Friends of Avondale School. 

Anybody wanting to find out more about Friends of Avondale School, you can contact Sharron by email at:  or pop in to Room 1 for a chat.

Our school’s new Acting Deputy Principal Kim Wilkinson has offered her considerable knowledge, experience and support to the Friends of Avondale Primary this year, which we greatly appreciate.

We’ll be in touch again within the next few weeks with details on what’s coming up next and how you might contribute.

In the meantime, you can follow us on Facebook here

 If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to talk to Friends of Avondale Primary publicist Jennifer Dann on 027 218 2936, or Principal Greg Chalmers, DP Kim Wilkinson or Yvonne Cullum in the school office.