Principal’s Welcome


Kia ora mai koutou.


As Principal it gives me very great pleasure to greet you and extend a warm welcome to our website. We hope that families and members of the community use this often as an interactive site to build strong relations with the school.

Avondale Primary has a wonderful history, indeed we are one of the oldest schools in West Auckland and have a long tradition of providing excellent education to the young people of the area. We are a multicultural school in the hearth of the Avondale community and feel very proud of our teachers and students and the great work achieved here.

We have a strong belief that success in a school requires full involvement from everybody who has a stake in improving learning for out tamariki. This is signified in our school logo of a red triangle which represents the partnership among staff parents and students. The colour red is significant because of the brilliant pohutukawa flowers which surround our grounds in summer. And we love the Avondale spider, our very own pungawerewere!

I feel very privileged to be part of the Avondale Primary School learning family. I welcome inquiries and input so fee free to contact via by email at.


Look forward to meeting you all sometime!2015-06-01 03_26_09-Principals Welcome _


Heoi ano
Greg Chalmers (Principal)